Special cleaning by Korff

The textile special cleaning with the individual service.
We sort and process your high-quality textiles, by color,
Fiber and texture by hand. Whether it's general pollution
or stubborn stains of any kind - we guarantee you
careful individual treatment of your valuable pieces. of Korff-
Spezialreinigung, that means for you:Every stubborn, unknown stain on textiles is annoying. Not every stain means the total loss of a part.

- Colors, values and fit are retained
- experience with sensitive tissues
- Individual treatment, to maintain the fashionable chic
- Not all textiles are processed together
- Textiles treated in our clean cleaning systems can be worn three times longer, no unpleasant odors in   shoulder pads, padding and underarm area, as absolutely free of residual pollutants.
- Super quality at a reasonable price

For more information about us, please visit the Company page www.von-korff.de